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Welcome to the online home of Derek Surguy, a web designer and web developer with a passion for acquiring knowledge, developing with cutting-edge technologies and growing the web community.

Derek Surguy

Learn About Me

I've been developing websites and dabbling in web technology since early high school, and am attending the University of North Texas for Computer Science to continue my advancement as a developer. My current work experience has given me the opportunity to delve deep into the world of cross platform web apps and webmastering. I seek out new web technologies as often as I can and will frequently devote a weekend to developing a full app with something new, be it a node.js chatroom or a backbone.js contacts application.

Aside from developing, I spend most of my time reading fantasy/sci-fi novels, running laps around the neighborhood and losing to my friends at nearly every video game imaginable. My girlfriend and I enjoy Doctor Who marathons and silly cartoons and we live with our two crazy cats and hyper little dog.

Skills and Expertise

Most of my web design skills are self-taught, but my college courses have trained me in advanced programming concepts such as algorithm optimization, object-oriented programming, version control, binary arithmetic and more. I also gained experience collaborating with a team of developers and became efficient at picking up new technologies quickly to become successful.

Developing websites for personal use and as part of my current work experience led me to master many web technologies, such as HTML5 APIs, advanced CSS techniques, multiple javascript frameworks such as JQuery Mobile and the Joomla Content Manangement System. I frequently employ the Adobe Creative Suite and old-fashioned pen-and-paper for design, and Sublime Text 2 is my text editor of choice.

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This site is a bit of an experiment itself. I decided that I needed some practice with responsive design and haven't had much of a chance to work with Twitter Bootstrap. What better way to learn a new technology than to dive right in with a site that other (hopefully influential) people will be looking at? Developed in a day, I'm quite pleased with the way it turned out and I can't wait for the chance to further improve upon and customize the experience users receive here. This site will continue to grow as my skills as a developer/designer flourish, so check back soon!

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